About Me

Katie Puremont, graphic designer in Falmouth, Cornwall

Hello, I'm Katie

I’ve been a graphic designer for over 15 years now, working with all kinds of brands all over the world from my home in Cornwall. 

Along the way I’ve been refining my craft and building a solid understanding of what it takes to create the most effective, impactful design and build wonderful working relationships. 

I’ve also been able to align my skills with my values to find my true passion: using the power of design to make a positive difference to people and the environment. My business is founded on this core principle, as well as kindness, authenticity, transparency and considered design. 

Combining these with my well-established, strategy-led approach, I’ll fully immerse myself in your project to create inspiring print and digital design that does your brilliant brand justice. I’ll work closely with you to help communicate your purposeful messages and meaningfully connect with your audiences, so that they can create positive change too. And I’ll do it all in a way that’s simple, kind, honest and calm. 

If this all resonates with you, I very much hope that today is the start of our new partnership.


My clients are from a mix of industries but they all share the same common goal: to make a positive difference to people and the environment. I choose to support these conscious brands and businesses because this is what I care about too.

I want to contribute to helping our planet to thrive in the best way that I can. The majority of my work centres around my biggest interests – the outdoors, nature, adventure, sport, travel and sustainability. Whatever space you’re working in, if you’re a like-minded brand or an agency with a clear positive purpose, I’d love to hear from you.


Even when I was a small child I was always drawing, creating, making and playing outside in nature. It was this start to life that inspired me to hone in on what I love for my career, combining nature and adventure with design.

Being a graphic designer in Cornwall, I often take my inspiration from the beautiful natural environment in this county, from the changing seasons to the diverse wildlife, or the movement of water to the colours, light and open spaces on the coast. Freelancing allows me to make the most of the natural world all year round too, giving me space to enjoy hiking, cycling, running, sea swimming, wild camping, snorkelling, kayaking, paddle boarding and more.

My true passion for nature means I’ll always design with the wellbeing of the environment in mind too. I do my best to keep my whole lifestyle healthy and sustainable, in fact, and I adore working with people who strive for the same.

Ready to Talk?

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